Thursday, April 4, 2013

{I Won't Miss You...Much}

Over the past few weeks I have been moving to a new place which means blogging has been placed on hold so that I can use all my physical strength to move everything I own. That's right, my husband and I moved EVERYTHING {including 2 beds and a huge, heavy 4 piece couch} by ourselves.
As we were cleaning up our old apartment I began to get a little sad. This was our first home together and it was the first place I lived where I was not with a family member. Plus, there are so many wonderful things I'm going to miss, here they are:

The view of downtown Seattle {Taken from our deck, without zooming in}.

Our big deck and the 7-Eleven right next door {which made getting Slurpee's and DVDs from Redbox really simple}.

It's difficult to tell but this is a walk in closet and it was all mine {at least for clothing space}.

This is the BEST oven in the world! It had 5 gas burners and a convection oven. I think I will miss this most of all since our new place has an electric oven {I have been burning everything I cook because of this}.

As we were waiting for our manager to come take a look at our apartment {so we could get some of our deposit back} we decided to play a game of "I Definitely Won't Miss..." to make the move easier. Our list wasn't too long, but the items on this list definitely helped me miss our apartment a little less.

This shower head was terrible, which is an under-exaggeration. Imagine pouring water on your body out of a cup, even that water pressure was more than what this shower head would produce {and it was only a few months old when we left so it wasn't clogged}. 50% of the time I would get out of the shower and still have soap on me. It was supposed to save water, but my showers just took 3x longer so I don't really think any water was saved.

I feel really disgusting posting this, but I will NOT miss all the black mold around the apartment. Including around the windows and on the door to our deck in our bedroom {all of this was because of old/poor/non-existent weatherization}.
This fire alarm {and the one before it} would literally go off the minute I began cooking {whether it was on the stove or oven}. The only way to keep it from going off was to turn on the fan above the stove as well as place a portable fan below it to blow any extraneous smoke away from it. I spent quite a few times on my tippy toes attempting to stop this obnoxious alarm.
Ending this post on those annoying things really make me appreciate my new place so much more. So far I am only disappointed about the limited closet space and the small kitchen. Everything else is great and I am loving it. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

{Cutest Way to Announce My Pregnancy}

Disclaimer: I'm not pregnant!

But I do plan on trying to get pregnant within the next 2+ years or so. Since I am really into planning I definitely had to figure out how to announce this big news to everyone rather then wait until the last minute and just tell people boringly in person. I also love to have one place I can refer to where I can find all of my genius announcement ideas.

Disclaimer: All of these photos are from Pinterest. Most of them did not have a link to where the photo came from. If a photo is yours please let me know so I can properly give you credit. 

In order to organize these ideas I have divided them into categories:

1. How to tell my husband.

{He loves fortune cookies, so this would be a perfect surprise}

2. How to tell our parents.

{Invite our parents to dinner and write Grandma and Grandpa on the napkins}

3. How to tell our friends and extended family.

{I love this idea, I would just have to get a scrabble board}

{My husband will love this one}
{This is if we find out during Christmas time obviously}
{Definitely does not need to be done during Christmas time, although the Thanksgiving belly would be helpful for this picture}

 4. How to tell everyone the sex of the baby...or even just find out ourselves.
{I know it's overdone but I still think this is so cute}
{The frosting or the cake itself can be the color of the sex. My husband would love to find out this way, because it would also involve eating cake}
{I love elephants and I love scratch tickets. It's a win-win}

5. How to tell everyone when we are having our second child.

Let me know if you have any other cute ideas that I can add to my options!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

{My February Cara Box...and an apology}

Cara Box

I have to start with the apology first because I feel completely awful/terrible! I received one of the most amazing Cara boxes from Ashlea filled with gifts to help me relax and it has taken me more than 2 weeks to write this post. Sorry Ashlea I wasn't on top of things.

As you can see, she spoiled me! Her gifts were so thoughtful and she even used purple tissue paper, which is of course my fav! Unfortunately I have not been able to use any of these gifts {except the wine to make risotto, because it was the only wine I had at home}. However, I am hoping once school ends on the 19th I will get to relax by taking a bath and drinking a glass of wine.

Thank you again Ashlea for my amazing and thoughtful Cara Box! 

If you're interested in receiving a Cara Box you can click here to sign up.